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        1.Be Productive
        Surprising your manager with peak productivity is a surefire way to impress and prove you are a valuable asset to the company. If you feel your productivity slipping, take strides to step up your game and increase your daily and weekly output.
        2.Speak up
        Talk to your direct manager, teammates, and HR when you have questions, ideas, or concerns. Everyone appreciates clear communication and brainstorming, and the healthiest way to get support is to ask for it.
        3.Follow Through
        If you said you would do something or were assigned to do something, do it. It's quite simple, really.
        4.Be Honest
        Lying never helps anyone grow. Be honest about your efforts, workload, skills, and needs. Your boss will appreciate your frankness. She may even be able to help you.
        5.Be a Team Player
        It's crucial to speak up for yourself, but don't exclude yourself from your department or unit. Work with your co-workers to meet your common goal.
        6.Show Gratitude
        Everyone loves feeling loved. You welcome feedback, rewards, and recognition from your boss, and she will do the same. When she sneaks you a small gift, compliment, or helpful tip, thank her in person, in an email, or in a handwritten note. Illustrating how much her effort means to you will encourage her to keep the gratitude coming.
        7.Have a Healthy Work-Life Balance
        Your boss expects you to work diligently and be productive, but she doesn't expect you to live for work. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance will make you a happier person at home and at work. Everyone wins.

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